Actio (formerly Enormor)

Actio is a unique formulation which reverses the storage of toxins and other wastes throughout your body and, gently, removes them from your life.
For more details of this storage process, see the intestines page.
Anything that you eat or drink which your body cannot properly process will tend to end up stored somewhere in your body. Exactly where and in what form depends very much upon your personal constitution. The most well-known of these are the accumulation of large amounts of additional water and the building of fatty tissues under your skin. One of the other ways in which your body might attempt to deal with accumulated toxins is the process which we call cancer. See the book from Karma Singh “Cancer? So what?” by clicking here. 
Whether for comfort (tying your shoe laces and being able to breathe at the same time), well-being or health, no-one could deny that getting rid of accumulated toxins is a very good idea. 
Here, it is appropriate to add a word of warning!
There are some products on the market, possibly cheaper than Actio but also, possibly, more expensive which promise rapid weight reduction. Such products, unfortunately, usually ignore the question of WHY the excess weight is there and often seek to simply remove the storage tissues or water whilst leaving the real problem untouched. This can lead to a sudden increase in general toxicity throughout your body and can have serious consequences. Dr. Häcker, being one of the world’s foremost toxicologists is, of course, well aware of this potential problem and so Actio works the other way around.
If you gently remove all of the stored toxins then your body will, itself, naturally remove the excess water and fatty tissues that it had built up to protect you. This is why significant changes are usually only discernible to you during the second month of using Actio. The detoxification begins on day one but we have no eyes inside our intestines to see it. Generally, the complete detoxification requires 3 to 5 months of Actio (dependent upon how much you had stored over the years). 
During the first few days of using Actio, the most common effect is more frequent visits to the toilet. Generally, this returns to normal after a few days. Some stored toxins are most easily removed by converting them to gas. Some users of Actio experience this instead during the initial period. 
Emotional Clearing
When we experience traumatic events, our living tissues will process and release the trauma. Any dead material stored in your body will retain the trauma because it has no ability to process and release. It is a very common experience that traumatic events which had happened many years before – sometimes even in early childhood – are very briefly re-experienced and then finally disappear from your life as the stored wastes which had held onto them are ejected from your body. This contributes greatly to feeling light, free and mentally clear. 
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