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Should Actio and / or Brutus be taken with, before or after meals?
As you choose. Actio and Brutus work no matter when you take them; just be regular, that’s all.
Can I take ½ doses to make the product last longer?
The only effect of doing so is to slow down the detoxification. 
If you needed a three month course, you would then need six months – you save nothing!

Hello, I would like to know if breastfeeding mothers can also take Action and Brutus. Thanks a lot

Dr Häcker gives the following answer:-
The more toxins are removed from the mother's body, the less they can affect the growing baby.
Adding micronutrients that may be missing can only ensure the healthy growth of the baby and the bodily
strength of the of the mother.
The same advice is also relevant for expectant mothers (and fathers!)
I.e. take Actio and Brutus together.

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