Brutus has shown itself to be highly effective in two, apparently, disparate areas:-
A) Building up healthy muscle tissue in a completely natural way which has even been approved by ……………….  for use by competing athletes, i.e. you WILL pass the performance enhancing doping test!
B) In seriously ill people, a very common cause of death is called cachexia. Many serious illnesses will cause wasting of your body’s tissues. When 30% of your body’s internal muscles (heart, lungs, etc.) have wasted away, death often results. Brutus will usually prevent this loss of muscle mass and, thereby, greatly increase the chances of recovery. 
Similarly, where injury has resulted, through immobilisation, in muscles atrophying, Brutus has shown itself to be very effective in helping the rapid building of fresh muscle tissues.
Brutus’s unique formula works simultaneously in two different ways. 
The complex protein structures establish the optimal conditions within your body for muscle growth and repair. This includes, of course, all of the micro-muscles so important for physical and mental health. These muscles are, generally, completely ignored but are responsible for lung capacity, heat retention and dissipation, intestinal flows and a whole host of other necessary processes. 
By adding missing nutrients Brutus will trigger the conversion of fats into healthy muscle tissues. It is for this reason that it is recommended to follow your 3 – 5 months Actio detoxification with two months of Brutus. Actio and Brutus can, of course, be taken simultaneously and many people do, in fact, do so: It’s a question of personal preference. 
Brutus is, therefore, a product for almost everyone:
In our modern, sedentary society, one of the biggest health issues is the atrophying of muscle tissue. This tends to increase with age and we tend to move less and less as the strength to do so disappears. Lack of movement causes a whole host of other problems including intestinal irregularity, weakened immunity, oxygen starvation leading to mental confusion and a general malaise with life itself. 
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