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Recommended dosage from Dr. Häcker


For intestinal cleansing
There is a measuring spoon in the pot (sometimes it settles in transit and you must search for it). The measure is flat; do not pile Actio above the rim. 
During the first two days, put one measuring spoonful into 200 ml of water or juice. Shake it thoroughly and drink it quickly (it thickens rapidly). 
If you have a smoothie blender, you can mix your Actio or Brutus in this. The very high speed rotation of the blades will bring a lot of air into the mixture and it will remain liquid for much longer. 
From the third day onwards, either take two measures or one measure twice per day. 
You can increase the dosage to 4 measures per day but never more than 2 measures in the 200 ml water or juice. 
Recommandation to reduce overweight and to  improve your tone
You can take up to 3 200 ml shakes per day each with up to 2 measures of Actio.
When using Actio or Brutus be sure to drink at least 2 Litres of good water during the day to help flush the toxins out of your body. 


To build-up muscle
1 measuring spoon = 10 grammes in 150 ml water and shake thoroughly
Basic dose (for regeneration)  - at least 2 x 15 grammes each day. 
5 to 20 hours per week training At least 3 x 20 grammes per day
Intensive power training for body building at least 3 x 30 grammes per day
N. B.!
The maximal daily dose of 300 grammes should never be exceeded!
Contains: proteins, amino acids, roughage, minerals, carbohydrates, fatty acids, Inulin and Psyllium.
These products do NOT replace a balanced, varied diet and a healthy life-style. 
If you have problems write for information from Dr. Häcker.
Not suitable for under 16's. 
Keep dry. 
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