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What it does is to rapidly restore the biochemical balance of your body, including your brain. This has the effect of instantly changing your body’s biochemistry from one which supports the life cycle of parasites to one in which they have difficulty surviving. The toxins which they produce are, thereby, dramatically reduced in volume within hours.

Although some maladies appear to be obvious in origin, others do not. Depression, for example, can be and often is caused by the growth of yeasts throughout the body. Another effect of the same cause is chronic fatigue – this latter can, of course, be caused by electro smog; see . Both of these can show very dramatic improvements literally overnight.
Problems with memory and concentration can have the same source: Your liver, which has a very great deal to do with brain function can be so overburdened with neutralising the toxins produced by parasites that it is forced to neglect your brain. Stop the parasites producing the toxins and your liver can return to normal function.

Many "allergies" are actually effects of the same problem:
When your intestines are constantly irritated by a "bloom" of inappropriate intestinal flora then this can cause the over-reaction to normal foodstuffs that we call "allergy".

The two main "power-houses" of your immune system are your intestines and your liver. Your intestines produce many of your body's natural defence micro-organisms as well as keeping your lymph system clean.
Your liver is the organ which processes and neutralises toxins.
If both are overloaded trying to cope with many problems at the same time then your general immunity is bound to suffer.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, however, has much more to do with mercury poisoning which, in turn, creates the supportive environment for the microbial imbalance. The suggested solution here is the Clearing Transmissions to remove the mercury, combined with Immune Booster, Actio and Brutus to re-build a healthy gut. To complete the eradication of IBS, amalgam tooth fillings must be exchanged for chemically neutral fillings and all so-called "vaccines" avoided.

Immune Booster is in a highly concentrated form and MUST be diluted before ingesting. 5 ml (½ cap full) in 300 ml of water is the correct dosage twice daily.

Dr. Häcker has also told me that Immune Booster should be taken with Actio:
Yeasts and other parasitic microbes tend to centre their growth in your intestines and it is essential to remove the detritus before this, itself, causes problems.

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